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Little Mix’s ‘Confetti’: A Solid Pop Album With a Song to Fit Every Mood

British pop group Little Mix released their highly anticipated sixth studio album, “Confetti,” last Friday. Ten years after their creation on “The X Factor,” Little Mix is one of the only girl bands left in the market and they are still succeeding in releasing pop-inspired albums while weaving in elements of R&B, the 80s, and the early aughts.

“Confetti” boldly opens with four lead singles, all of which are upbeat, feel-good pop songs that start the album on a high point. “Breakup Song” is classic Little Mix – a positive, pick-me-up, dancing-through-the-heartbreak single. While many Little Mix songs are breakup anthems, “Holiday” takes a new angle and focuses on how great love is and how it makes you feel like you’re on a holiday.

“Confetti,” the title song, is another smash hit with a unique twist. In an interview with Apple Music, Little Mix stated that they “always think of video ideas and gender reversals.” Generally, male artists are seen dancing with girls at the club in their music videos, while we don’t necessarily see that with female artists. Little Mix wanted to flip that narrative and think about how it would play out with the gender roles swapped. “Nothing But My Feelings” is another gender reversal, this time about a booty call. Again, this is a much rarer narrative to hear from female artists and is empowering to hear in mainstream media. On the surface, it feels like an innocent, upbeat song until you listen to the lyrics and realize what it’s actually about. I look forward to seeing what Little Mix comes up with for the music videos of both of these songs.

“Not a Pop Song” was another single from this album that discusses the stigma of being a female pop band, while simultaneously poking fun at Simon Cowell and their old label. One line that really stuck out to me was “If I’m a guilty pleasure, I want this life forever”. There is so much more to girl bands than the judgement they receive and this song attempts to push back against that narrative. Despite this, a song that claims to be more than “another pop song ‘bout falling in love” and “no more singin’ songs ‘bout breakin’ my heart and my lonely nights dancin’ in the dark” falls short and doesn’t feel authentic among an album full of songs about heartbreak and dancing.

The middle of the album consists of a few personal favorites. “Gloves Up” is reminiscent of older Little Mix, particularly “Salute,” with how anthemic it is. Not surprisingly, this song was written with the songwriter they wrote “Salute” with, Maegan Cottone. “A Mess (Happy For You)” gives off Robyn vibes, with the lyrics talking about seeing your ex with someone else. It’s classic pop and who doesn’t love a happy sad song? Finally, “My Love Won’t Let You Down” is one of the few ballads on this album, with the piano fading in and out through the verses and chorus. It really showcases the incredible voices of the members of Little Mix without auto-tune.

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With multiple radio-ready singles, Little Mix is poised to remain a strong force in the British pop world with the release of “Confetti.” Unfortunately, we didn’t see any features on this album. “LM5” featured Nicki Minaj, which helped the band reach an American audience, a country Little Mix has yet to fully break into. Additionally, this album doesn’t appear to have any mega hits like “Shout Out To My Ex” and “Black Magic” that we saw on previous albums.

I applaud the band for experimenting with different genres and hope we continue to see them branch out even further to keep fans interested and draw in new audiences. While not groundbreaking, Little Mix’s “Confetti” is a solid pop album that has a song to fit every mood and moment.

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